Acid Alkaline Diets and Osteoporosis

In previous blog posts, I have talked about some of the benefits of the alkaline diet. Today, I want to talk specifically about one of the benefits that I believe is supported by the most scientific evidence. This is the ability of the alkaline diet to prevent osteoporosis.

First, let’s talk about what osteoporosis is. Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease. It occurs most often among elderly Caucasian women in the United States and other developed countries. Most doctors believe that osteoporosis is caused by a reduced estrogen level following menopause. However, recent research suggests that diet and lifestyle factors also play important role.

To understand how acid alkaline diets can help prevent osteoporosis, we need to first understand how overacidity causes bone loss. It may seem perverse that your body breaks down bone tissue in reaction to excess acid, but this is actually a logical response to a crisis situation. Too much acidity could lead to severe health problems or even death, so your body attempts to solve the situation by pulling alkaline minerals from your bones. This helps you cope with the short-term problem, but it increases your risk of a bone fracture down the road.

There are two ways that the alkaline diet can help prevent osteoporosis. First, it reduces the acid load, in turn reducing the need for your body to break down bone tissue. Second, it increases your body’s supply of alkaline minerals, especially potassium, which abounds in fruits and vegetables. This explains why studies have shown reduced bone loss in women who follow an alkaline diet.

A reduced risk of osteoporosis is just one of many benefits of the alkaline diet. This healthy nutritional approach can also help you to lose weight and increase energy. With so much to gain, why not try the alkaline diet today?

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